Dr. Nick Fisk

Dr. Nick Fisk is the fearless leader of the Fisk lab. Read more about Dr. Fisk's research interests and background by clicking "About Nick Fisk". Dr. Fisk enjoys golf, reading and dogs.


Dr. Meg Schmitt

Dr. Meg Schmitt is a research scientist and the Fisk lab manager. She earned her Ph.D. with Sam Gellman at the University of Wisconsin. Her work in the lab spans all three of the Fisk lab's avenues of research. When she's not in the lab, Dr. Schmitt enjoys yoga, cooking, and photography.

Ning Zhao

Ning is a graduate student in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering. Ning's research focuses on phage display and phage library creation and panning. Ning is interested in building a multifunctional phage particle to act as a platform for the diagnosis of active tuberculosis infection.


Wil Biddle

Bio coming soon!


David Schwark

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Jenn Bjerke

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Former Fisk Lab Members

Steven Smeal, Masters of Science in Engineering, 2014