Dr. Nick Fisk

Dr. Nick Fisk is the fearless leader of the Fisk lab. Read more about Dr. Fisk's research interests and background by clicking "About Nick Fisk". Dr. Fisk enjoys golf, reading and dogs.


Dr. Meg Schmitt

Dr. Schmitt is the senior scientist and lab manager for the Fisk lab. She earned her Ph.D. in chemistry in the laboratory of Sam Gellman at the University of Wisconsin Madison in August 2005. She has worn many hats, often simultaneously, in the Fisk lab since August 2010.


Former Fisk Lab Members

Dr. David G. Schwark, PhD in Biomedical Engineering, Colorado State University, 2018

Dr. Wi Biddle, PhD in Chemistry, Colorado State University, 2017

Dr. Ning Zhao, PhD in Chemical Engineering, Colorado State University, 2016

Steven Smeal, Masters of Science in Engineering, Colorado State University, 2014

Former Fisk Lab Undergraduate Researchers

Updated list coming soon!